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A successful story of selling your products online with Gradus.

E-commerce is considered an art of selling products and services online and entering international markets for doing so.  Gradus offers effective solutions for smooth delivery of your products and services to customers, ensuring a satisfying experience for them. 

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Amazon Shop

Amazon is one of the top-rated platforms for selling online goods and services. Our strategy is to evaluate and predict prospective success of the product in the Amazon marketplace, using the private methodology for accessing product possibilities. There is a focus on the product analysis, and other local/global conditions, as such limited opportunities in a geographical area and many more. Gradus assists you in a wide range of services and features related to Amazon shop:

  • Amazon shop management - Maintenance and continuous support to your existing Amazon shop. This includes operational activities, service quality control, surveillance stock management, as well as digital services focusing on analytics, PPC (pay per click) advertising, and Amazon keyword optimization along with regular keyword updates. 

  • Amazon shop set-up - Establishing your own marketplace, in detail determining effective product pricing, initial descriptions of products, and shop design. Before setting up the shop, all product characteristics, such as product quality,  probable competitive edges, locations, warehousing, and many more are thoroughly assessed for the best results.

  • Listing in our shop - Gradus has its own shop on Amazon, and we are welcome to share our shop with you by listing your products there.



Dropshipping is one of the leading directions of e-commerce, the concept of which is selling third-party items to your customers, while the third-party organizes stocks and delivery. We offer dropshipping set up on your preferred platform, and continuous maintenance and control of the flawless flow of operations. “how-to” guide for the sales team. It summarizes all the previous experiences that the sales.


Own E-Commerce Platform

Whether you are doing drop shipping or selling your own goods and services, we can help you in integrating an e-commerce platform into your website. For the most effective expansion and growth, continuous maintenance and digital services are also provided, including SEO optimization, PPC (pay per click) advertisement, social media channel management, and many more. This ensures an increased number of customers, reputation, and customer loyalty as well as improved brand image and positioning. 

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