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Ensure the most effective sales planning and control with Gradus.

Having a professional sales team working for your company can help you achieve business growth, increased numbers in sales, stronger customer retention and loyalty. We offer sales planning and control services, which will help in increasing the practical value of your sales processes. 

Sales Manual Creation

Sales Manual Creation 

Sales manual is the “how-to” guide for the sales team. It summarizes all the previous experiences that the sales team had, adds sales expertise and knowledge, becoming a step-by-step guide for structuring, optimizing, and boosting sales. Sales manual  includes the following sections:  

  • Sales funnel model 

  • Selling features/benefits 

  • Objection list and handling mechanisms 

  • Cold/warm calling scripts 

  • Sales conversation scripts 

  • Email scripts 

  • CRM and task management 

  • Storytelling and questioning 

  • Account management 

Sales Training

Sales Training

Regular training sessions with the team including theory and practical tasks for the sales representatives. Sessions provide the necessary knowledge and skills for developing the sales manual of the company. The covered topics are:  

  • Introduction to sales processes  

  • Objection handling 

  • Storytelling, proposing, cold calling 

  • Sales manual: analysis of good and bad examples 

Sales Team Coordination

Sales Team Coordination

Sales team coordination is the process of effective sales process organization, according to pre-planned missions and sales manual.  Regular weekly meetings will help your sales team to start readily using the sales manual of the company for real sales processes. In addition field trainings are also conducted, which are about reviewing the real-time performance of a sales agent, and giving feedback on it.   

Outsourced Sales Execution

Outsourced Sales Execution 

We believe that the expertise of our team in direct selling and personalized relationship creation will help to add practical value to the sales processes of your business.    We are here to provide A-Z sales outsourcing solutions, using cold/warm calls, emails, event participation, direct selling meetings, and other tools, depending on the defined sales funnel of the company.  

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