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Our Services

Gradus has three main service directions. We believe that personal and business growth can be achieved through professional work, exchange, and development.


Business Growth

Our suite of services covers the entire spectrum of your growth journey, from in-depth market research to the seamless implementation of strategic marketing plans. Success is not just a destination but a journey we navigate together, from A to Z.


Our comprehensive suite of services spans from the creation and optimization of online shops to in-depth market research and expert shop management. Success in e-commerce is not just a destination but a journey we undertake together, from the inception of your online presence to the efficient operation of your digital storefront.


Knowledge Sharing & Professional Development

We offer a range of transformative experiences, including specialized training and mentorship programs designed to elevate skills and career trajectories. Unlock the doors to continuous learning and growth with Gradus, where the journey of knowledge expansion and professional development begins.

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