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EI Kids Yerevan


EI Kids Yerevan



Հաճախորդի մասին

EI Kids Yerevan is the first emotional intelligence center in Armenia that aims to educate children on recognizing their emotions and using their benefits.  The mission behind this center is to improve the world with a wiser and stronger generation who know their strengths and are ready to face life challenges openly.


For the appropriate positioning, we conducted thorough market research and analysis. By discovering that EI kids Yerevan is the only player in the Armenian market with such a concept, we are now working on the online and offline marketing strategies directed to awareness building and educating.





The brand and its concept of developing emotional intelligence among kids are pretty new for the Armenian market. Thus, our team has an interesting challenge to make their correct positioning in the market full of not direct competitors, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence and avoiding possible resistance of new concepts from society.


The project has just begun and is ongoing. We will announce the tangible results soon.

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