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ZEEL Project


ZEEL Project



Հաճախորդի մասին

ZEEL project is a bridge between the designers and the manufacturers. The platform was developed as a solution to the biggest problem of designers: finding suitable 3D models for their projects. On ZEEL, manufacturers of furniture, lighting, textures, etc.,have the opportunity to represent and promote their products by uploading 3D models. Meantime, designers from all around the world have free access to those models and are always updated with the latest trends and news in design and architecture.


As a solution, we provided the following: 

• Research and analysis of the market 

• Define brand messaging 

• Create communication and growth strategy for organic and paid growth 

• Marketing team management and quality control 

• Sales process setup and execution





Being a brand-new platform, ZEEL Project was missing numerous things for the full market integration. There were no marketing strategy and positioning as well as the absence of some essential digital components for attracting more users and corporate clients.


Consequently, we reached 70% growth for daily traffic to their digital platform, mostly from organic sources. More than 70 warm leads in the sales funnel were generated within a month. Overall, brand awareness has been increased in all digital platforms where the company maintains its presence.

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